Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 38 Motor Equipment Management

Subpart 114S-38.2 Registration, Identification, and Exemption

114S-38.203-3 Records.

Property and Offices Services, D-7910, will maintain a permanent record of license plate numbers assigned to each region for ready reference in locating the region or office operating any Reclamation vehicle.

Each region will maintain a centralized control record of all Department license plates assigned to Reclamation-owned vehicles (including Job Corps) under its jurisdiction. The multiple-purpose Vehicle License Plate Record, form 7-1378, a two-part perforated form, will be used for this purpose. (See FPMR 114S-38.4970.16.)

The regional record (form 7-1378) will be kept current and will show, as a minimum, the vehicle to which plates are charged, the project or office where the vehicle is assigned, the GSA purchase contract number, and complete information regarding voided plate numbers.

(a) The upper portion of form 7-1378 will be removed and retained in the regional offices. After entry to the regional control record, the stub will be returned to the originating office.

(b) In addition to serving as the license plate application, form 7-1378 will be completed and forwarded to the regional office each time any action affects the status of a set of Departmental license plates in possession of an office. In each instance the disposition of the plates will be shown in the space reserved for "Remarks" on form 7-1378, (e.g., lost, stolen, destroyed, etc.). The following actions must be reported:

(1) Plates transferred to another Reclamation office with the vehicle. In such cases, the transfer of the vehicle will be reported on the Vehicle License Plate Record form by both the transferor and the transferee offices.

(2) Plates removed from a vehicle transferred to another organization in the Department of the Interior, another Federal agency, or to a water users' organization.

(3) Plates removed from a vehicle disposed of by sale or donation.

(4) Plates removed from an unserviceable vehicle.

(5) Loss or theft of one or both plates in a set. Loss through theft or loss with possible theft of plates will be reported to local and Federal law enforcement agencies.

(i) When one plate in a set is lost or stolen, the remaining plate will be defaced and disposed of as scrap. (See FPMR 114S-38.305-3.) Application will be made for a new set of plates and the old plates voided.

(ii) In the event stolen plates are subsequently recovered, they will be defaced and disposed of as scrap. Recovery and destruction of the plate or plates will also be reported to the regional office, preferably in letter form rather than by use of form 7-1378.

(6) Changes in the organizational title of the office to which the vehicle and license plates are assigned, as recorded in the master control record.

(7) Replacement of an engine in a motor vehicle when the replacement engine is stamped with a number differing from that stamped on the original engine. A notation should be made in the "Remarks" space on form 7-1378 to the effect that a new engine was installed on (appropriate date) to replace Engine No. _________.


114S-38.203-70 Acquisition of Plates.

A stock of Department license plates is maintained by Property and Office Services, D-7913. Plates in sets of 25 (package quantity) may be obtained from this stock for assignment to newly acquired vehicles or as replacement for lost or unserviceable plates by submitting form DI-1, Requisition.



114S-38.203-71 Display.

License plates are to be placed on the front and rear of all trailers, except that display on house trailers is required only in over-the-highway use.



114S-38.203-72 Removal.

No survey action is required to authorize reduction to scrap of plates removed from vehicles. See also 41 CFR 101-38.203-3.


  FPMR-21 - 11/21/95 (Supersedes 5/12/89 and 4/26/72)