Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 20 Management of Buildings and Grounds

Subpart 114S-20.1 Building Operations, Maintenance, Protection, and Alterations

114S-20.103 Physical Protection and Building Security.

Office heads will ensure that a check is made of the office each workday at the close of business to see that it is properly secured. In buildings operated under the jurisdiction of GSA this service will be performed by them.

Directives governing protection and safety of Reclamation property may be supplemented as deemed necessary by office heads to safeguard Reclamation property and equipment.

Top114S-20.104 Private Vehicle Parking.

Parking of private vehicles is prohibited in Reclamation equipment yards. Employees must park personal vehicles in space provided for employee parking.

When employee parking or commercial parking is not available within reasonable walking distance, field crews and personnel in travel status may park their vehicle in equipment yards, space permitting, at the discretion of the Accountable Officer.

Overnight parking must be approved in writing by the Accountable Officer on a locally approved form. The form must contain the following statement and be signed and dated by the requestor.

"I understand that the Government is not responsible for any damage or loss sustained by my vehicle or the contents thereof. Permission to park on government property is granted solely for my convenience."

 In no circumstances will overnight parking exceed 7 consecutive days.

Top114S-20.105-3 Smoking.

Office heads are responsible for ensuring compliance with the smoking policy contained in 41 CFR 101-20.105-3 and 310 DM.

Top 114S-20.107 Energy Conservation.

All facilities owned or leased by Reclamation will adhere to the standards provided in 41 CFR 101-20.107. Each employee should conserve the utilities placed at his disposal. The misuse of utilities by any employee should be brought to the individual's attention immediately. Refer also to 114S-71.


FPMR-17 - 10/26/95 (Supersedes 2/2/88)