Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 19 Construction and Alternation of Public Buildings

Subpart 114S-19.6 Accommodations for the Physically Handicapped

114S-19.607 Reporting.

The annual report of Accommodations for the Physically Handicapped (GSA form 2974) will be consolidated for the region and submitted to the Reclamation Service Center, Code D-7910, by September 5 each year.

(a) Separate reports will be submitted for:

(1) Reclamation-owned buildings.

(2) Reclamation-leased buildings.

(3) Buildings funded by Reclamation grants.

(4) Buildings being constructed or altered at an existing installation.

(b) Buildings under the control and management of GSA, including leased buildings administered by GSA, will not be included in the reports.


FPMR-19 - 10/26/95