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Tualatin Project
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Project Data
Land Areas (1992)
Area Irrigated and Crop Value



Project # 417 / 1090

Land Areas (1992)
Irrigable area:
Full Irrigation Service16,560 acres
Supplemental Service0 acres
Temporary Irrigation Service0 acres
Number of Irrigated Farms301
Residential, Commercial, Industrial Lands440 acres
Total Irrigable Lands17,000 acres

Population Served:

Farm Population Served831
Non-Farm Population Served96,820
Total Population Served97,651

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Area Irrigated and Crop Value
YearActual Area Irrigated (Acres)Crop Value (Dollars)

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Project Water Supply
Project Water Quality



Project Water Supply

Current Conditions

Reservoir Storage

Tualatin River Basin Storage and Flow Diagram
Henry Hagg Lake

Weather Conditions (NOAA)


Tualatin River near Dilley, Oregon (USGS)

Streamflow Forecast Map

Spring and Summer (NRCS)

Snowpack Information

Columbia River Snowpack Summary
Mountain Snowpack Maps for Columbia Basin

Drought Index

Palmer Drought Index Map
Explanation of Palmer Drought Severity Index (Text)


Historic Conditions

Annual Precipitation
Normal37.57 in
Maximum - 196851.78 in
Minimum - 198523.86 in
Hillsboro, Oregon 1961-1990 


Mean Annual52.3 ?F
Daily Maximum - 07/19/1956108 ?F
Daily Minimum - 01/31/1950-10 ?F
Hillsboro, Oregon 1948-1996 
Growing Season236 days
Elevation of irrigable area100 - 275 ft


Scoggins Creek
Drainage area above Scoggins Dam39 mi2
Annual discharge 
Maximum - 1995135,872 acre-ft
Minimum - 198545,760 acre-ft
Average - 1975-199677,081 acre-ft


Scoggins Creek below Henry Hagg Lake near Gaston, Oregon (USGS)


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Project Water Quality



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Facilities in Operation
Storage Facilities
Carriage Facilities
Pumping Plants
Distribution System (Laterals)



Facilities in Operation
Storage Dams1
Pumping Plants2
Regulating Tanks2
Laterals (piped) 88 mi

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Storage Facilities

Scoggins Dam


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Carriage Facilities
Primary Discharge Lines
Type:Steel pipe
LocationFrom Patton Valley Pumping Plant to adjacent regulating tanks
Diameter30 in
Length40 ft
Capacity32.9 cfs
 Prestressed concrete cylinder pipe from Spring Hill Pumping Plant to regulating tanks:
Diameter60 in
Length2,472 ft
Capacity148.2 cfs

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Pumping Plants
DesignationNumber of unitsTotal capacity, cfsTotal dynamic head, ftTotal horsepower
Patton Valley    
Units No. 1-3326.0480375
Unit No. 415.788075
Unit No. 512.888040
Spring Hill    
City of Hillsboro - M & I    
Unit No. 118.246675
Units No. 2-3224.0085250
USBR - Irrigation    
Units No. 5-8425.203771,400
Units No. 9-135123.003777,700

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Distribution System (Laterals)

Patton Valley: Buried gravity-fed pipe system ranging in size from 30- to 10-in diameter, 3.5 miles total length. 6,000 ft of 30-in pipe is reinforced plastic mortar. Remainder of system is asbestos-cement pipe ranging from 21- to 10-in diameter.

Spring Hill: Buried pressure-fed pipe system ranging in size from 54- to 6-in diameter, 84.5 miles total length. Asbestos-cement pipe used on 66.8 miles, and reinforced concrete pipe on 17.7 miles.

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Last updated: May 17, 2011