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Project # 154

Project Water Supply
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Project Water Supply

Current Conditions


Fontenelle Creek near Herschler Ranch near Fontenelle, Wyoming (USGS)
Streamflow Forecast Map

Spring and Summer (NRCS)

Snowpack Information

Mountain Snowpack Maps for Colorado River Basin

Drought Index

Palmer Drought Index Map

Annual Precipitation
Normal10.78 in
Maximum - 198323.72 in
Minimum - 19746.55 in
Kemmerer, Wyoming 1961-1990 


Mean Annual38.7 ?F
Daily Maximum - 06/23/195498 ?F
Daily Minimum - 02/05/1982-39 ?F
Kemmerer, Wyoming 1948-1996 


Green river
Drainage area at Fontenelle Dam4,200 mi2
Annual discharge 

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Project Water Quality

Upper Green

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Facilities in Operation
Storage Dams1

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Storage Facilities

Fontenelle Dam

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Power Facilities

Fontenelle Powerplant

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Last updated: May 17, 2011