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San Juan-Chama Project
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Project Data
Land Areas (1992)
Area Irrigated and Crop Value



Project # 1489

Land Areas (1992)

Irrigable area

 Full Irrigation Service 0 acres
 Supplemental Service 2,768 acres
 Temporary Irrigation Service 0 acres
 Number of Irrigated Farms 953
 Residential, Commercial, Industrial Lands 0 acres
 Total Irrigable Lands 2,768 acres

Population Served

 Farm Population Served


 Non-Farm Population Served

 Farm Population Served


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Area Irrigated and Crop Value
 Year Actual Area Irrigated (Acres) Crop Value (Dollars)
 1983 2,533 569,158
 1984 2,408 545,185
 1985 2,602 611,666
 1986 2,118 463,526
 1987 2,162 479,047
 1988 2,104 363,974
 1989 2,394 477,603
 1990 2,418 477,179
 1991 2,525 467,551
 1992 2,508 458,135

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Project Water Supply
Project Water Quality


Project Water Supply

Current Conditions


San Juan River near Carracas, Colorado (USGS)

Streamflow Forecast Map

Spring and Summer (NRCS)

Snowpack Information

Mountain Snowpack Maps for Colorado, Rio Grande, and Arkansas Rivers

Drought Index

Palmer Drought Index Map

Annual Precipitation

 Normal 18.72 in 
 Maximum  -  1969 25.67 in  
 Minimum   -  1964 11.26 in  
 Los Alamos, New Mexico 1961-1990 


 Mean Annual 48.1 °F
 Daily Maximum  -  06/09/1952 95 °F
 Daily Minimum   -  01/13/1963 -18 °F 
 Los Alamos, New Mexico 1942-1996 
 Growing Season 141-208 days  
 Elevation of irrigable area 5,600 - 8,000 ft  


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Project Water Quality

Rio Chama

Rio Grande - Albuquerque

Rio Grande - Santa Fe

Upper Rio Grande

Upper San Juan

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Facilities in Operation

Facilities in Operation

 Storage Dams

 Diversion Dams 3
 Canals 37.9 mi

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Storage Facilities

Heron Dam

Nambe Falls Dam

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Diversion Facilities

Blanco Diversion Dam

Little Oso Diversion Dam

Oso Diversion Dam

Carriage Facilities

Blanco Tunnel

 Location From theRio Blanco southerly to the Little Navajo River.
 Construction period 1965-1969
 Length 8.64 mi 
 Cross section:   Circular
 Diameter 103 in 
 Capacity 520 cfs  
 Unreinforced concrete lining: 6.5 in

Oso Tunnel 

 Location From the Little Navajo River southeasterly to the Navajo River.
 Construction period 1966-1970  
 Length 8.64 mi 
 Cross section:   Circular
 Diameter 103 in 
 Capacity 520 cfs  
 Unreinforced concrete lining: 6.5 in

Azotea Tunnel

 LocationFrom Navajo River southeasterly and under the Continental Divide to Azotea Creek.
 Construction period 1964-1970 
 Length 12.8 mi
 Cross section:   Circular
 Diameter 131 in  
 Capacity950 cfs  
 Unreinforced concrete lining: 8 in

Little Oso Siphon

Type Precast concrete pipe
LocationBetween the Blanco and Oso Tunnels - carries water under the Little Navajo River.
Construction period1966-1970 
Length345 ft  
Diameter  96 in 
Capacity550 cfs  

Azotea Creek and Willow Creek Conveyance Channels

Type Open channel with three baffled concrete drop structures.
LocationSouthwest of Chama, New Mexico on Azotea Creek between outlet of Axontea Tunnel and confluence of Willow Creek and along Willow Creek to the head of Heron Reservoir.
Construction period 
Length11 mi
Width 28-65 ft
Side Slopes2:1

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Last updated: May 17, 2011