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Dolores Project
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Project Data
Land Areas (1992)
Area Irrigated and Crop Value



Project # 71

Land Areas (1992)
Irrigable area:
Full Irrigation Service35,360 acres
Supplemental Service26,300 acres
Temporary Irrigation Service0 acres
Number of Irrigated Farms1,131
Residential, Commercial, Industrial Lands0 acres
Total Irrigable Lands61,660 acres


Population Served
Farm Population Served3,393
Non-Farm Population Served0
Total Population Served3,393

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Area Irrigated and Crop Value
YearActual Area Irrigated (Acres)Crop Value (Dollars)


Project Water Supply

Current Conditions

Spring and Summer (NRCS)

Snowpack Information

Mountain Snowpack Maps for Colorado River Basin (NRCS)

Drought Index

Palmer Drought Index Map

Historic Annual Precipitation

Normal13.21 in
Maximum - 196521.14 in
Minimum - 19895.23 in
Cortez, Colorado 1961-1990 


Mean Annual48.5 ?F
Daily Maximum - 07/13/1971101 ?F
Daily Minimum - 02/08/1933-31 ?F
Cortez, Colorado 1929-1996 
Growing Seasondays
Elevation of irrigable areaft


Dolores River
Drainage area above McPhee Dam809 sq mi
Annual discharge: 

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Project Water Quality


Upper Dolores

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Facilities in Operation
Facilities in Operation
Storage Dams2
Canals93.8 mi
Laterals84.7 mi
Pumping Plants7
Transmission Lines4.5 mi

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Storage Facilities

McPhee Dam

Great Cut Dike

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Carriage Facilities
Dove Creek Canal
Location:From Great Cut Dike, extending northwest 39.5 miles to Monument Creek Reservoir.
Construction period: 
Length39.5 mi
TypeEarth lined 32 mi, concrete lined 3.6 mi, 3.9 mi of structures
Initial diversion capacity380 cfs
Terminal diversion capacity30 cfs


South Canal
Location:Heads on Dove Creek Canal near Pleasant View, extends south and west.
Construction period: 
Length7.6 mi
TypeConcrete lined 1.2 mi, earth lined 6 mi, 0.4 mi of structures
Initial diversion capacity160 cfs
Terminal diversion capacity30 cfs


Dolores Tunnel
Location:Through the Dolores-San Juan Divide, 2 miles west of the town of Dolores.
Construction period: 
Length1.3 mi
Diameter, concrete lined9 ft
Maximum Capacity520 cfs


Dolores Canal
Location:Heads at outlet of Dolores Tunnel, extends south and east.
Construction period: 
Length1.3 mi
TypeEarth lined
Initial diversion capacity520 cfs
Terminal diversion capacity70 cfs


Towaoc Canal
Location:Heads on Dolores Canal 1.1 miles below outlet of Dolores Tunnel, extends southward
Construction period: 
Length45.4 mi
TypeConcrete lined 7.5 mi, earth lined 31.8 mi
Initial diversion capacity135 cfs
Terminal diversion capacity86 cfs


Cortez-Towaoc Pipeline
Location:Heads above terminus of Dolores Canal, extends southward to near Towaoc
Construction period: 
Length19.5 mi
TypeBuried asbestos-cement pipe
Diversion capacity, maximum17.3 cfs

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Pumping Plants
Great Cut Pumping Plant
DesignationNumber of unitsTotal capacity, cfsTotal dynamic head, ftTotal horsepower
Great Cut Pumping Plant    
To Dove Creek Canal8494801100
To U Lateral616526800
Along Dove Creek Canal    
Dove Creek542.51201000
Along South Canal    
Pleasant View546.8180700
Ruin Canyon765.2180900

McPhee Powerplant

Towaoc Powerplant

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Last updated: Apr 21, 2011