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Deschutes Project
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Project Data
Land Areas (1992)
Area Irrigated and Crop Value



Project # 112


Land Areas (1992)
Irrigable area:
Full Irrigation Service49,652 acres
Supplemental Service46,200 acres
Temporary Irrigation Service0 acres
Number of Irrigated Farms1,269
Residential, Commercial, Industrial Lands1,894 acres
Total Irrigable Lands97,746 acres


Population Served
Farm Population Served5,474
Non-Farm Population Served3,292
Total Population Served8,766


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Area Irrigated and Crop Value
YearActual Area Irrigated (Acres)Crop Value (Dollars)


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Project Water Supply
Project Water Quality




Project Water Supply

Current Conditions

Reservoir Storage

Major Storage Reservoirs in the Deschutes River Basin

Weather Conditions (NOAA)



Deschutes River near Madras, Oregon (USGS)

Streamflow Forecast Map

Spring and Summer (NRCS)

Snowpack Information

Columbia River Snowpack Summary (NRCS)
Mountain Snowpack Maps for Colombia River Basin (NRCS)

Drought Index

Palmer Drought Index Map
Explanation of Palmer Drought Severity Index (Text)


Historic Conditions

Annual Precipitation
Normal8.57 in
Maximum - 198312.41 in
Minimum - 19855.04 in
Redmond, Oregon 1961-1990 


Mean Annual47.1 ?F
Daily Maximum - 08/07/1972108 ?F
Daily Minimum - 12/08/1972108 ?F
Redmond, Oregon 1948-1996 
Growing Season135 days
Elevation of irrigable area2,000 - 2,800 ft


Deschutes River
Drainage area at Wickiup Dam482 sq mi
Annual discharge: 
Maximum - 1951738,855 acre-ft
Minimum - 1941391,482 acre-ft
Average - 1938-1991525,562 acre-ft

Streamflows: Deschutes River below Wickiup Reservoir near La Pine, Oregon (USGS)


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Project Water Quality

Little Deschutes

Lower Crooked

Lower Deschutes

Upper Deschutes


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Facilities in Operation
Storage Facilities
Regulatory Facilities
Diversion Facilities
Carriage Facilities
Pumping Plants



Facilities in Operation
Facilities in Operation
Storage Dams3
Diversion Dams1
Canals66 mi
Laterals233 mi
Pumping Plants1
Drains6 mi


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Storage Facilities

Crane Prairie Dam

Wickiup Dam and Dike

Haystack Dam

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Regulatory Facilities

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Diversion Facilities
North Canal Diversion Dam
Type:Concrete arch, weir
LocationOn the Deschutes River, near Bend, Oregon
Year Completed1912
Structural height40 ft
Hydraulic height28 ft
Crest length293 ft
Spillway length160 ft
Crest elevation3,558.0 ft
Volume4,900 cu yd
Diversion capacity1,000 cfs
Spillway capacity10,000 cfs


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Carriage Facilities
North Unit Main Canal
Location:From Bend, Oregon, generally north about 65 miles to the vicinity of Madras, Oregon.
Construction period:1938-1948
Length65 mi
Diversion capacity1,000 cfs
Typical section in earth: 
Bottom width60 ft
Side slopes1.5:1
Water depth5.64 ft
Typical section in rock:(lined with pneumatically applied mortar in 1948)
Bottom width20 ft
Side slopes0.25:1
Water depth10.2 ft


Crooked River Crossing - Main Canal
Location:On the Crooked River about 3 miles east of Terrebonne, Oregon. Closed concrete box flume and roadway supported on an arch-type concrete bridge.
Construction period:1944-1946
Total (including transitions)672 ft
Flume521 ft
Middle span266 ft
Capacity1,000 cfs
Typical section in of flume: 
Width10 ft
Water depth8.05 ft


Tunnels No. 1 and 2 - Main Canal
Location:About 7 miles north of Redmond, Oregon.
Construction period:1944-1945
Length6,804 ft
Capacity1,000 cfs
Diameter11.25 ft
Cross section:Horseshoe
Lining:Concrete, 5 to10 in thick.


Haystack Feeder Canal
Location:From North Unit Main Canal to Haystack Dam.
Construction period:1956-1957
Length0.5 mi
Capacity703 cfs
Typical section in earth: 
Bottom width32 ft
Side slopes1.5:1
Water depth6.4 ft


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Pumping Plants
Pumping Plant Discharge Line - District Constructed
Location:Pumping plant at Crooked River Crossing.
Construction period:1968
Description:Steel pipe
Length220 ft
Diameter5 ft
Capacity200 cfs


Pumping Plant - District Constructed
DesignationNumber of unitsTotal capacity, cfsTotal dynamic head, ftTotal horsepower
Crooked River92001504,050


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