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Chief Joseph Dam Project
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Project Data
Land Areas (1992)
Area Irrigated and Crop Value



Project # 586


Land Areas (1992)
Irrigable area:
Full Irrigation Service27,319 acres
Supplemental Service2,670 acres
Temporary Irrigation Service0 acres
Number of Irrigated Farms1,805
Residential, Commercial, Industrial Lands1,547 acres
Total Irrigable Lands31,536 acres


Population Served:
Farm Population Served5,885
Non-Farm Population Served7,167
Total Population Served13,052

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Area Irrigated and Crop Value
Area Irrigated and Crop Value
YearActual Area Irrigated (Acres)Crop Value (Dollars)


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Project Water Supply
Project Water Quality




Project Water Supply

Current Conditions


Columbia River below Priest Rapids Dam, Washington (USGS)

Streamflow Forecast Map

Spring and Summer (NRCS)

Snowpack Information

Columbia River Snowpack Summary (NRCS)
Mountain Snowpack Maps for Columbia River Basin (NRCS)

Drought Index

Palmer Drought Index Map
Explanation of Palmer Drought Severity Index (Text)


Historic Conditions

Annual Precipitation
Normal8.83 in
Maximum - 198314.57 in
Minimum - 19764.82 in
Wenatchee, Washington 1961-1990 


Mean Annual51.4 ?F
Daily Maximum - 07/17/1941110 ?F
Daily Minimum - 12/30/1968-19 ?F
Wenatchee, Washington 1877-1996 
Growing Season232 days
Elevation of irrigable area878 -1450 ft


Columbia River
Drainage area at Chief Joseph Dam75,700 sq mi
Annual discharge: 
Maximum - 1959101,013,660 acre-ft
Minimum - 197756,855,700 acre-ft
Average - 1952-199678,942,776 acre-ft

Streamflows: Columbia River at Bridgeport, Washington (USGS)

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Project Water Quality

Chief Joseph

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Facilities in Operation
Storage Facilities
Regulatory Facilities
Diversion Facilities
Carriage Facilities
Pumping Plants



Facilities in Operation
Facilities in Operation
Canals26 mi
Laterals233 mi
Drains12 mi
Regulating Reservoirs26
Irrigation Wells8
Pumping Plants62

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Storage Facilities

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Regulatory Facilities

Spectacle Lake Dike

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Diversion Facilities

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Carriage Facilities

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Pumping Plants
Pumping Plants
DesignationNumber of unitsTotal capacity, cfsTotal dynamic head, ftTotal horsepower
Foster Creek Division    
Bridgeport Bar Unit    
Main Plant28.9200300
Booster Plant    
Low Lift10.51007.5
High Lift10.520020
Brewster Flat Unit    
Main Plant446.01901,200
Booster Plant446.83502,400
Relift Plant339.0150900
Greater Wenatchee Division    
East Unit    
Lateral 810.125420
North Relift35.7108100
East Relift426.0108495
Brays Landing Unit    
Main Well532.3135750
Plant No. 1531.22411,100
Plant A531.22411,100
Plant B519.0161495
Plant C39.1130200
Howard Flat Unit    
River Well316.7112275
River Booster316.74901,200
Reservoir Relift516.8178400
North Booster35.58480
South Booster21.35415
Okanogan-Similkameen Division    
Oroville-Tonasket Unit    
Auxiliary No. 1211.5145250
Auxiliary No. 228.7127200
Auxiliary No. 325.5125120
Oroville-Tonasket Unit Extension    
Colbert Relift35.7261400
Crater Lakes419.83841,200
East Tonasket524.73481,500
Bonaparte Creek522.74241,500
West Osoyoos    
Plant 16382061,200
Plant 2411.4170400
East Osoyoos627.11092,100
Tonasket Orchards Relift36.9243450
Plant 1773.51942450
Plant 215.31942450
Plant 325.3194200
Kernan Booster32.918690
Vandiver Booster33.7245150
Devon Booster10.819430
Charles Elder Booster10.6528
CL1-4667LT Booster10.6528
CL2-5132RT Booster10.31168
CL2C-1132RT Booster10.710315
CO2-1-1374LT Booster11.311625
Temby Booster10.62177.5
TKA-1 Booster10.5395
Lusk Booster10.611415
Smith Booster10.414420
Davis Booster1   
Low Lift10.15633
High Lift10.216020
Whitestone Coulee Unit    
North Branch28.2230400
Whitestone Flats315.4187550
Spectacle Lake Canal23.611980
Chelan Division    
Manson Unit    
Lake Chelan8101.72674250
Plant A994.82774300
Booster A-a    
Low Lift10.2353
High Lift10.2655
Plant B747.41931450
Plant C729.72701450
Booster C-a20.623840
Plant D510.7314625
Plant E44.5304400
Plant F46.8347600
Booster F-a20.513220
Plant G43184160
Plant H21.9583200
Booster H-a20.423840

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Last updated: May 01, 2009