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CRBSCP - Las Vegas Wash Unit - Title II
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Project Data

Annual Precipitation

Normal4.13 in
Maximum - 19657.96 in
Minimum - 19681.11 in
Las Vegas, Nevada 1961-1990 


Mean Annual66.7 ?F
Daily Maximum - 07/11/1959116 ?F
Daily Minimum - 01/13/19638 ?F
Las Vegas, Nevada 1949-1996 


Las Vegas Wash
Drainage area at mouthmi2
Annual discharge: 

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Facilities in Operation
Facilities Authorized for Construction - First Stage
Intake pumping plant1
Reject pumping plant1
Evaporation ponds25
Bypass pipeline5 mi

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Carriage Facilities
Supply Pipeline
LocationFrom the Intake Pumping Plant to a regulating tank at the desalting plant site.
Construction period 
DescriptionPrecast concrete pipe.
Length0.27 mi
Diameter27 in
Capacity20 cfs


Reject Brine Pipeline
LocationFrom the reject pumping plant to the evaporation ponds
Construction periodConstruction delayed
DescriptionPrecast concrete pipe.
Length3.5 mi
Diameter18 in
Capacity10 cfs


Bypass Pipeline - (First and Second Stages)
LocationFrom Clark County`s Advance Wastewater Treatment Plant along the north side of Las Vegas Wash; terminates downstream of the Barrier.
Construction periodScheduled 1978-1980
Length5 mi
Diameter66-78 in
Capacity240 cfs


Regulating Tank
LocationDesalting plant site.
Construction periodConstruction delayed
Length30 ft
Diameter50 ft


Las Vegas Wash Membrane Desalting Plant
LocationOn the south side of Las Vegas Wash about 1,400 ft upstream from the intake pumping plant near the barrier.
Construction periodNot yet scheduled
DescriptionReverse osmosis
Quality input4,200 ppm
Quality output700 ppm
Quantity20 cfs
Plant site: 
Length676 ft
Width355 ft
Plant capacity13 MGD


Product Water Pipeline
LocationFrom the desalting plant to a settling pool in Las Vegas Wash immediately below the barrier dam.
Construction period 
Length0.28 mi
Diameter18 in
Capacity18 cfs

Power Supply - First and Second Stages

Power for the facilities will be provided by the Nevada Power Co. It is expected the company will extend an existing 12-kV line 8,900 ft to the intake pumping plant and desalting plant sites. Control meters located at each load area will provide final adjustment for utilization voltages.

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Pumping Plants
DesignationNumber of unitsTotal capacity, cfsTotal dynamic head, ftTotal horsepower
First stage intake310.5105 
Second Stage intake additions1210.5105 


1 Second stage facilities (essentially an addition of a desalting plant to the first stage, some modification to first stage facilities will be required).

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Last updated: Jun 03, 2009