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Project Data
Land Areas (1992)
Area Irrigated and Crop Value


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Land Areas (1992)

See Coachella Division

All-American Canal System

Boulder Canyon Project Rehabilitation and Betterment Program

Irrigable area:
Full Irrigation Serviceacres
Supplemental Service0 acres
Temporary Irrigation Service0 acres
Number of Irrigated Farms68
Residential, Commercial, Industrial Lands
Total Irrigable Lands

Population Served:
Farm Population Served
Non-Farm Population Served
Total Population Served

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Area Irrigated and Crop Value
YearActual Area Irrigated (Acres)Crop Value (Dollars)

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Project Water Supply
Project Water Quality


Project Water Supply

Current Conditions

Historic Conditions

Annual Precipitation
Normal3.17 in
Maximum - 19896.75 in
Minimum - 19661.01 in
Yuma, Arizona 1961-1990

Mean Annual74.4 ?F
Daily Maximum - 07/28/1995124 ?F
Daily Minimum - 02/`18/19955 ?F
Yuma, Arizona 1948-1996
Growing Season365 days
Elevation of irrigable area-230 to 75 ft

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Project Water Quality

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Facilities in Operation
Storage Facilities
Carriage Facilities
Power Facilities
Pumping Plants


Facilities in Operation
Diversion Dams1
All-American Canal to Coachella Turnout36.2 mi
Coachella Canal123 mi

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Storage Facilities

See All-American Canal System

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Carriage Facilities

See All-American Canal System

Coachella Canal
LocationFrom Drop No. 1 on the All-American Canal to milepost 49 near Siphon No. 7 on the existing Coachella Canal
Construction period1978-1982
Total length of new canal48.3 mi
Open channel47.8 mi
Closed siphons0.5 mi
Capacity1,550 cfs
Typical section, concrete lined:
Bottom width16 ft
Side slopes1.5:1
Water depth:
From Station 9+31 to 861+20 (16.1 mi)10.4 ft
From Station 861+18 to siphon No. 7, (32.2 mi)12 ft
Lining thickness3 in

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Power Facilities

The Imperial Irrigation District has constructed powerplants at Pilot Knot Check and Wasteway, and at Drop Nos. 2, 3 and 4 of the All-American Canal. Installed capacities of these plants are:
Pilot Knob33 MW
Drop No. 210.0 MW
Drop No. 39.8 MW
Drop No. 419.6 MW

The district also operates the 189.1 MW steam plant at El Centro. The 75 MW axis steam plant at Yucca is operated by the Arizona Public Service Company, but the Imperial Irrigation District has rights to 25 MW of the plant`s production. Imperial`s electrical distribution system interties with the Department of Energy`s Parker-Davis system.

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Pumping Plants

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