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Project Data
Land Areas (1992)
Area Irrigated and Crop Value


Project # 1168

No Project Data are available for the Boulder Canyon Project Coachella Division Rehabilitation and Betterment Program.

Land Areas (1992)

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Area Irrigated and Crop Value

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Project Water Supply
Project Water Quality


Project Water Supply

Current Conditions

Streamflow Forecast Map

Spring and Summer (NRCS)
Snowpack Information

Mountain Snowpack Maps for Colorado River Basin
Drought Index

Palmer Drought Index Map
Explanation of Palmer Drought Severity Index (Text)

Historic Conditions

Annual Precipitation
Normal3.06 in
Maximum - 19774.89 in
Minimum - 19890.88 in
Brawley, California 1961-1990

Mean Annual72.4 ?F
Daily Maximum - 07/01/1950122 ?F
Daily Minimum - 11/29/197511 ?F
Brawley, California 1927-1996
Growing Season365 days
Elevation of irrigable area-230 to75 ft

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Project Water Quality

Imperial Reservoir

Lower Colorado

Salton Sea

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Facilities in Operation
Storage Facilities
Carriage Facilities
Pumping Plants


Facilities in Operation
Canal Rehabilitation
Total canal length operated by CVWD:123 mi
Length of lined canal86 mi
Length of unlined canal37 mi
Distribution systemUnderground concrete pipe size varies from 1 to 7 ft diameter
Total length495 mi
Pumping Plants22
Open27 mi
Closed95 mi
Regulating reservoir1
Automatic traveling debris screens110 units
Central control headquarters building1
Telemetering controlMicrowave and UHF circuits linking the panel in the headquarters building with more than 150 responsive stations including the 10-bank automatic debris screens

15 constructed under the Rehabilitation & Betterment Program

Coachella Canal Terminal Reservoir

Lake Cahuilla
Type:Earthen dike impoundment
LocationIn Riverside County California near the Santa Rosa Mountains, about 8 miles from Indio on the west side of Coachella Valley
Construction period1968-1969
Structural height18.6 ft
Top width100 ft
Maximum base width193 ft
Crest length6,276 ft
Crest elevation4.0 ft
Shoreline5.25 mi
Slope (shore side)2:1
Slope (lake side)3:01
Reservoir liningSoil cement
Reservoir Capacity1,300 acre-ft

Dike No. 2
Type:Earthen dike
LocationSouthwesterly end of Lake Cahuilla between Avenue 58 and Coral Reef near Avenue 59
Construction period1967-1968
Structural height20 ft
Top width20 ft
Maximum base width100 ft
Crest length5,128 ft
Crest elevation30.0 ft

Dike No. 4
Type:Earthen dike
LocationFrom Coral Reef to Avenue 66 near Martinez Canyon west of the terminus of Avenue 66
Construction period1967-1968
Structural height30 ft
Top width20 ft
Maximum base width140 ft
Crest length18,480 ft
Crest elevation26.0 ft

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Storage Facilities

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Carriage Facilities

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Pumping Plants

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Last updated: Jan 30, 2012