Bully Creek Dam


Bully Creek Dam is located on Bully Creek about 8 miles northwest of the creek's confluence with the Malheur River, and 9 miles northwest of Vale, Oregon. The dam is a zoned earthfill structure with a crest length of 3,070 feet and total height of 121 feet. The reservoir has a total capacity of 24,400 acre-feet (active 23,700 acre-feet).


Bully Creek Dam is located in the western part of Snake River Plain Physiographic Province. The plain is an arcuate depression that extends from eastern Oregon across southern Idaho and into western Wyoming. It contains great amounts of late Cenozoic silicic and basaltic volcanic products and interbedded late Cenozoic sediments. The region is highly dissected by streams owing to its relatively weak bedrock surface. Locally, rocks outcropping in the area are generally Miocene and younger in age. They include volcanics, graben deposits, western Snake River Plain deposits of the Idaho Group, and Quanternary deposits.

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Dam TypeZoned Earthfill
ReservoirBully Creek
WatercourseBully Creek
Original Construction1962-1963
National ID NumberOR00578
Hydrologic Unit Code

Structural Height121.0 ft
Hydraulic Height (Normal Operating Depth at Dam)92.0 ft
Top Parapet (Elevation)
Spillway Crest Elevation2516.0 ft
Crest Elevation2529.0 ft
Crest Length3070.0 ft
Crest Width
Base Width
Volume of Dam Construction Materials
Streambed at Dam Axis2424.00 ft
Top of Exclusive Flood Control Pool (Elevation)
Top of Joint Use Pool (Elevation)2516.00 ft
Top of Active Conservation Pool (Elevation)2516.0 ft
Top of Inactive Conservation Pool (Elevation)
Top of Dead Storage Pool (Elevation)2456.58 ft

Hydraulics & Hydrology
Total Water Storage at Elevation 24,400 ac-ft at 2516.0 ft
Maximum Water Surface Elevation
Normal Water Surface Elevation2516.0 ft
Spillway TypeOverflow crest, plus ten 4' x 4' sluice gates
Auxiliary SpillwayNo
Spillway Capacity at Elevation10,200 cfs at 2523 ft (4,970 cfs at 2516.0 ft - sluice gates only)
Auxiliary Spillway Capacity at Elevation
Uncontrolled Spillway Capacity at Elevation
Outlet Works Capacity at Elevation270 cfs at 2516.0 ft - Bully Creek Oulet 415 cfs at 2516.0 - Lateral 197-13 Oulet
Diversion Capacity at Elevation
Drainage Area550.0 sq mi
Hydrometeorological Report (HMR)HMR 57
Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) Report

Contact Information
TitleArea Office Manager
OrganizationSnake River Area Office
Address230 Collins Road
CityBoise, ID 83702-4520
Phone (Fax)208 383-2275
Phone (Office)208 383-2248
OrganizationVale Oregon Irrigation District
Address521 'A' Street West
CityVale, OR 97918-1103
Phone (Office)541 473-3951

Last updated: Nov 21, 2012