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Towaoc Powerplant *

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* Plant is owned by Reclamation but operated by a separate entity. Generation is marketed by the Western Area Power Administration, a Federal Power Marketing Administration.


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RiverTowaoc Canal
PurposeTowaoc Powerplant provides energy to project facilities.
FactsTowaoc Canal heads the Dolores Canal 1.1 miles below the outlet of the Dolores Tunnel and extends southward for 45.4 miles to the full service lands in the Towaoc area. The canal is earth lined for 32.8 miles and concrete lined for 7.5 miles. It has an initial capacity of 420 cubic feet per second and a terminal capacity of 135 cubic feet per second.
FactsA 78-inch-diameter, buried concrete pipe penstock heads at a project works on the Dolores Canal and extends southwest into Hartman Draw to the powerhouse. The powerhouse consists of one turbine connected to a 11.495-megawatt generator.
Present ActivitiesNormal operations
Special IssuesShutdown in August 2002 through the rest of the water year due to the lack of water.
NERC RegionWestern Electricity Coordinating Council, Rocky Mountain Power Area
PMA Service AreaWestern Area Power Administration, Colorado River Storage Project Management Center
Plant TypeConventional
Powerhouse TypeAbove Ground
Turbine TypePelton
Original Nameplate Capacity11,495 kW
Installed Capacity11,495 kW
Year of Initial Operation1993
Age14 years
Net Generation3,178,701 kWh
(Fiscal Year)2007
Rated Head415 ft
Plant Factor3.6 percent
(Fiscal Year)2005
Production ModeBase
Remotely OperatedYes
Project AuthorizationThe Dolores Project was authorized by the Colorado River Basin Act of September 30, 1968 (Public Law 90-537), as a participating project under the Colorado River Storage Project Act of April 11, 1956 (Public Law 84-485).
Project PurposeThe Dolores Project, located in the Dolores and San Juan River Basins in southwestern Colorado, develops water from the Dolores River for irrigation, municipal and industrial use, recreation, fish and wildlife, and production of hydroelectric power. It also provides flood control and aids economic redevelopment.
Project PurposePowerplants located on McPhee Dam and the Towaoc Canal generate an annual average of 36,578,000 kilowatt-hours, which enters the Colorado River Storage Project power transmission system. The Towaoc Powerplant operates from April to October on the irrigation water supply conveyed through the canal.
First nameVern
Last nameHarrell
Phone (Individual)970 565-0865

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