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Roza Powerplant

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RiverRoza Main River
PurposeThe Roza Powerplant provides power at the cost of production to operate pumps on the Roza Irrigation District. The Roza Irrigation District pumps to 27,700 acres of their irrigation deliveries. Any other power generated is marketed through the BPA.
FactsThe Roza Powerplant develops 12,937 kilowatts. More than 70 miles of transmission lines deliver power to pumping plants in the Roza Division.
HistoryPlans for the Roza Division were initiated in 1932. The powerplant was completed in conjunction with that plan in 1958. It has been operated since at the maximum capacity allowed by available flows, weather, and maintenance.
Present ActivitiesNormal operations
Special IssuesA major contributor to the cost of O&M at the Roza Powerplant is the cost of maintaining about 10 miles of delivery canal and over 70 miles of transmission line.
NERC RegionWestern Electricity Coordinating Council, Northwest Power Pool Area
PMA Service AreaBonneville Power Administration
Plant TypeConventional
Powerhouse TypeAbove Ground
Turbine TypeFrancis
Original Nameplate Capacity10,660 kW
Installed Capacity12,937 kW
Year of Initial Operation1958
Age54 years
Net Generation71,672 MWh
(Fiscal Year)2011
Rated Head158 ft
Plant Factor77.7 percent
(Fiscal Year)2011
Production ModeIntermediate
Remotely OperatedNo
Project AuthorizationThe President approved the Yakima Project on November 6, 1935.
First nameWilliam
Last nameGray
TitleArea Office Manager, Columbia-Cascades Area Office
Phone (Fax)509 575-5848
Phone (Individual)509 454-5611

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