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Green Springs Powerplant

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RiverTrans Mountain Diversion
PurposeGreen Springs Powerplant was constructed to take advantage of the head drop of the transbasin diversion to produce power for commercial sales to assist repayment of the division costs.
FactsThe Green Springs tunnel and power conduit are 6,650 feet long and connect to the penstock, which is 60 inches in diameter and 9,000 feet long. The Green Springs Powerplant is an outdoor-type plant with a capacity of 16,000 kilowatts and a discharge of 133 cubic feet per second operating under a head of 1,800 feet. The powerplant is generally manned on a two-shift basis.
HistoryThe Green Springs Powerplant was placed in service in 1960 and has helped meet expanding power demands in southern Oregon and northern California. Revenues have contributed significantly to the repayment of construction costs of the Talent Division. The generator was rewound and the switchyard rehabilitated in 1993.
Present ActivitiesNormal operations
Future Planned ActivitiesUnit Transformer replacement and Switchyard Mods. will be done in Fall 2013.
NERC RegionWestern Electricity Coordinating Council, Northwest Power Pool Area
PMA Service AreaBonneville Power Administration
Plant TypeConventional
Powerhouse TypeAbove Ground
Turbine TypeImpulse
Original Nameplate Capacity16,000 kW
Installed Capacity17,290 kW
Year of Initial Operation1960
Age52 years
Net Generation67,622 MWh
(Fiscal Year)2011
Rated Head1800 ft
Plant Factor89.2 percent
(Fiscal Year)2011
Production ModeIntermediate
Remotely OperatedPartially
Project AuthorizationCongress authorized the Talent Division of the Rogue River Project in Public Law 606, 83d Congress, 2d Session, approved August 20, 1954, (68 Stat. 752).
Project PurposeThe Talent Division of the Rogue River Basin Project provided for construction, rehabilitation, and improvement of the irrigation facilities of three privately owned irrigation districts in the vicinity of Medford, Oregon, and the provision for supplemental water for these lands. A collection canal system and five small reservoirs are used to divert the project water supply through a transbasin tunnel into a tributary of the Rogue River.
First nameWilliam
Last nameGray
TitleArea Office Manager, Columbia-Cascades Area Office
Phone (Fax)509 575-5848
Phone (Individual)509 454-5611

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