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Deer Creek Powerplant *

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* Plant owned by Reclamation but operated by a separate entity. Generation is marketed by the Western Area Power Administration, a Federal Power Marketing Administration.



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RiverProvo River
PurposeThe powerplant provides replacement energy for energy lost at other non-government plants through the storage and diversion of water for irrigation during the winter storage season. The powerplant provides revenues during the summer irrigation season for operation, maintenance, and replacement costs and for irrigation project repayment purposes. When power is not used for replacement purposes, it is marketed to two preference power entities.
FactsThe Deer Creek Powerplant was constructed on the substructure provided during the construction of Deer Creek Dam. Deer Creek is a zoned earthfill dam 235 feet high and 35 feet wide at the crest. The crest is 1,304 feet long. The powerplant has two 2,475-kilowatt generators and was placed in operation in 1958.
HistoryThe project is essentially an irrigation project with production of power limited to the capacity of the plant during the irrigation season. Maintenance is normally performed during the winter season when water flows are low. Since 1958, the powerplant has been operated and maintained by a contract with the Provo River Water Users Association.
Present ActivitiesAn automatic greasing system was installed on both generating units to eliminate problems with lack of lubrication on important wicket gate linkages and bushings. This problem was discovered during recent overhauls of the units.
Future Planned ActivitiesThe purchase of new digital control units for both generating units is planned for FY 2005 with installation planned for early FY 2006.
Special IssuesOperation and maintenance of the powerplant is accomplished by contract with the Local Water Users. Cost for operations and maintenance includes all government and contract costs. As the plant is operated 24 hours a day, operation costs, though shared with the other water entities operating the dam, generally exceed the maintenance costs.
NERC RegionWestern Electricity Coordinating Council, Rocky Mountain Power Area
PMA Service AreaWestern Area Power Administration, Colorado River Storage Project Management Center
Plant TypeConventional
Powerhouse TypeAbove Ground
Turbine TypeFrancis
Original Nameplate Capacity4,950 kW
Installed Capacity4,950 kW
Year of Initial Operation1958
Age49 years
Net Generation23,712,770 kWh
(Fiscal Year)2007
Rated Head120 ft
Plant Factor55.2 percent
(Fiscal Year)2007
Production ModeIntermediate
Remotely OperatedNo
Project AuthorizationConstruction of the project was initiated under the provisions of the National Industrial Recovery Act of June 16, 1933. The President approved the Provo River Project on November 16, 1935, under the terms of subsection B of section 4 of the Act of December 5, 1942 (43 Stat. 701). The President approved the Salt Lake Aqueduct on October 24, 1938. The Secretary of the Interior authorized the Deer Creek Powerplant on August 20, 1951, under the Reclamation Project Act of 1939.
Project PurposeThe Provo River Project provides a supplemental water supply for irrigation of 48,156 acres of highly developed farmlands in Utah, Salt Lake, and Wasatch Counties. The key structure of the project, Deer Creek Dam, is located on the Provo River east of the project lands.
First nameKen
Last nameBarrington
TitleElectrical Engineer, Upper Colorado Regional Office
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