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Trenton Dam

Photo of Trenton Dam and Swanson Lake
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The Republican River heads on the high plains of Colorado, crosses the corner of Kansas, and flows into southern Nebraska where Trenton Dam is located.  Dense, impervious Cretaceous-age marine Ogallala sandstone, Pleistecene-age loess with two members separated by a soil horizon, the Sandborn Formation and overburden including dune sand, reworked loess and sandy alluvium are present at the damsite.  The bottom of the cutoff trench, the spillway structure and the outlet tunnel together with its aperture structures are founded on shale.  Loess compacted by ponding and rolling, underlain in turn by sandstone and then shale form the abutments.  Sandy alluvium underlies the river section of the fill except in the bottom of the cutoff trench.  This is a stable, impervious and satisfactory foundation

Last updated: Apr 08, 2013