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Tiber Dam

Photo of Tiber Dam Spillway, Mont.
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Lower Marias Unit
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ProjectLower Marias
Dam TypeZoned earthfill (dike closes low saddle beginning about 1 mile southwest of the right abutment of the dam).
ReservoirLake Elwell
WatercourseMarias River
LocationMarias River, 20 miles southwest of Chester, Montana, and 71 miles upstream of the confluence of the Marias River with the Missouri River. The dam can be reached from Chester, Montana by traveling south on Montana Highway 223, 10 miles to a point where the highway angles to the left; continue south on a gravel road 3 miles; turn right and go approximately 5 miles. The first turn to the right goes to the camp and the second goes to the dam.
Original Construction1952-1956
Modified Construction 1967-1969: spillway dike and auxiliary outlet; 1976-1979: spillway rehabilitation
National ID NumberMT00579

Last updated: Apr 02, 2013