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Shadehill Dam

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Shadehill Unit
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The Shadehill unit area occupies a more or less central position along the Grande River valley between the eastern and western extremities of the basin.  The valley occupied by the Grande River varies in width from one-half mile to about one and three-fourths miles and is the phsiographic stage of middle maturity.  Oxbow lakes and sloughs meander scars and slip-off slopes are evident.  Alluvial terraces are situated inside of meanders that occupy the valley width.  Meander bends are actively engaged in lateral planation, eroding 50- to 150-foot-high sharp, precipitous valley walls.  Bedrock exposed at Shadehill Damsite along the valley walls of the Grande River is the Upper member of the Hall Creek formation of Upper Cretaceous age.  In places, the higher land of the immediate valley is only a cap of very thin alluvium deposited over bedrock.  Numerous deposits of coarse sand and gravel exist through the terraces.  The bottomland along the river is covered with deposits of alluvium consisting of silt, sand and gravel.

Last updated: Apr 08, 2013