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Scofield Dam

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Scofield Project
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Scofield Dam is on the Price River, a tributary of the Green River, about 22 miles northwest of Price, Utah, and is the principal feature of the Scofield Project. Scofield Dam is a zoned earthfill structure with a structural height of 125 feet. It contains 204,000 cubic yards of material. The spillway is a free overflow concrete chute on the right abutment of the dam. The outlet works consists of an inlet structure, a concrete conduit through the base of the dam, and a gate chamber housing two gates, one for emergency operation and the other for regulation of reservoir outflow.


The Scofield dam site is located near the northern plateau, a large area of nearly horizontal sedimentary rocks that has been elevated above the general level of the region.  The rock column is made up of sandstone, shales, limestone and coal ranging in age from cretaceous to tertiary.  Locally, the beds have been faulted into horst-graben type of structure.  Pleasant valley in which the reservoir is located occupies one of the larger down-thrown or graben blocks.  The dam site is located in a narrow canyon cut by Fish Creek as it drained eastward across on of the up-thrown blocks.  The reservoir basin is partially structural and partly erosional being combined result of faulting and subsequent erosion.  There is no evidence of recent movement on the fault.  The basin is covered with a thick mantle of slope wash, which has formed an effective seal over the fault zones.

Last updated: Apr 08, 2009