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Pinto Dam

Pinto Dam
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Pinto Dam is located just north of Highway 28 in the eastern portion of Grant County. Pinto Dam forms Billy Clapp Lake, an off-stream reservoir which stores water for the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project. The nearest towns are Stratford and Wilson Creek. Just north of the dam is a boat launch and sandy beach area that allows access to Billy Clapp Lake. The Main Canal begins at the headworks at Dry Falls Dam and consists of unlined and concrete-lined sections. Total length of the canal, including siphons, tunnels, and Billy Clapp Lake is 18.4 miles. The first 1.8 miles from Dry Falls Dam to the Bacon Siphon and Tunnel structures has been increased in capacity from 13,200 to 19,300 cubic feet per second. Bacon Siphon and Tunnel structures consist of two siphons, each about 1,000 feet long, and two tunnels, each about 2 miles long, that carry the water to Billy Clapp Lake.

Last updated: Apr 30, 2009