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Paradise Diversion Dam

Photo of Paradise Diversion Dam
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Paradise Diversion Dam was constructed to replace a rock, log and brush dam destroyed by floodwaters in June 1965. The dam, located on the Milk River near Chinook, MT, diverts water for irrigation for the Paradise Valley Irrigation District.

The 200-foot-long concrete diversion structure includes a 100-foot ogee spillway section provided with 5-foot-high removable flashboard supports at 5-foot centers along the crest, abutment walls, wingwalls, and cutoff walls, and a sluiceway equipped with a manually operated 5- by 6-foot cast-iron slide gate. Crest elevation of the spillway is 2390.5. Extending from the right abutment of this concrete structure is a compacted earthfill dike, 20 feet wide at the crest, constructed to elevation 2401.5. A cableway with winch-operated cable car, used for maintenance and for placement of flashboards when required, spans the spillway section of the dam.

Last updated: Apr 02, 2013