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Newton Dam

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Newton Project
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Newton Dam is an earthfill structure on Clarkston Creek approximately 2 miles north of Newton. It is 101 feet high and has a volume of 410,000 cubic yards. The reservoir has a capacity of 5,600 acre-feet. The service spillway is controlled by a radial gate. An emergency spillway with an uncontrolled crest 1,000 feet long is located near the west end of the dam. A horseshoe conduit, 4 feet in diameter, controlled by a slide gate, serves as outlet works.


Newton Dam is located in the Cache Valley, a Late Tertiary (Neogene) graben along the eastern margin of the Basin and Range Province.  The valley was occupied by an arm of Lake Bonneville in Quaternary times.  The dam and appurtenant structures are founded in surficial sediments deposited in the ancient lake.

Last updated: Mar 26, 2009