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Meeks Cabin Dam

Photo of Meeks Cabin Dam
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Meeks Cabin Dam, located in Uinta County, about 2 miles north of the Utah-Wyoming state line and 22 miles southwest of Fort Bridger, is a rolled earth and rockfill structure with a height of 184.5 feet above streambed and a crest 3,162 feet long and 30 feet wide. The embankment contains 3,587,000 cubic yards of material. The spillway, with a discharge capacity of 6,250 cubic feet per second, has an uncontrolled concrete overflow crest at elevation 8686.4 feet with a 30 foot wide by 15 foot high rectangular conduit through the dam along the left abutment and a stilling basin at river level. The outlet works is located under the dam along the right abutment and has a maximum discharge capacity of 1,070 cubic feet per second at the maximum water surface elevation of 8699.5 feet. Meeks Cabin Reservoir has a total capacity of 32,470 acre-feet, covering an area of 473 acres.


 Meeks Cabin damsite is situated in the glacially carver valley on Blacks Fork Creek.  Morainal materials overlying a betonitic gypsiferous shale bedrock comprise the foundation sequence at the damsite.

Last updated: Jun 23, 2009