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Lake Sherburne Dam

Photo of Lake Sherburne, Montana
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ProjectMilk River
Dam TypeHomogeneous earthfill
ReservoirLake Sherburne
WatercourseSwiftcurrent Creek
LocationOn Swiftcurrent Creek in Glacier National Park, about 6 miles west of Babb, Montana.
Original Construction1914-1921
Modified Construction 1960: Original spillway closed; circumferential, uncontrolled, overflow, gloryhole spillway was constructed. Gates replaced with high pressure gates; new hydraulic operating system installed. Outlet tunnels repaired; new flip bucket outlet sill constructed at end of outlet works tunnel. New ventilation installed. Electrical system rehabilitated. 1984: Safety of Dams modification completed to enable facility to safely accommodate maximum probable flood event. Dam crest raised 13.5 feet; gate control house raised 9 feet. Ventilation system modified and electrical system rehabilitated.
National ID NumberMT00572

Last updated: Apr 02, 2013