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Lake Sherburne Dam

Photo of Lake Sherburne, Montana
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Lake Sherburne Dam

Lake Sherburne Dam is a compacted earthfill structure 107 feet in height above its foundation with a crest length of 1,086 feet. The total volume of material in the dam is 242,000 cubic yards. In 1960, the intake tower structure was modified by adding a circumferential overflow spillway crest, and the weir-type overflow spillway at the left abutment of the dam was filled with compacted earth material extending the crest of the dam to the left abutment. Reservoir water surfaces are controlled by operation of the two 4- by 5-foot high-pressure gates, which permit a discharge of 2,100 cubic feet per second at an elevation of 4788.0 ft. At water surface elevations above 4788.0 ft, water flows over the crest of the overflow spillway and the discharge through the outlet works is then comprised of the water flowing over the spillway crest and through the 4- by 5-foot gates. Maximum discharge through the outlet works conduit at an elevation of 4809.2 ft is 4,200 cubic feet per second. A total storage capacity of 68,080 acre-feet is provided in Lake Sherburne. In 1982, the dam embankment was raised to crest elevation 4814.5 using the reinforced earth concept to provide additional surcharge to safely pass the inflow design flood.

Last updated: Apr 02, 2013