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Jordanelle Dam

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Jordanelle Dam and Reservoir, located on the Provo River about 6 miles north of Heber City, provides water storage at an upstream site by exchange for Bonneville Unit water in Utah Lake and Strawberry Reservoir and for most of the water presently regulated in 15 small reservoirs on the headwaters of the Provo River. The reservoir functions as a long term holdover reservoir to provide storage through a six year drought period. Jordanelle has a capacity of 320,300 acre-feet with a surface area of 3,068 acres. The municipal and industrial water stored in Jordanelle Reservoir is delivered to Salt Lake County by way of the Provo River and Jordan Aqueduct, and to northern Utah County by way of the Provo River and Alpine Aqueduct.


The design data for Jordanelle Dam was reviewed by three independent panels of internationally recognized earth science authorities who concluded that a dam the size of Jordanelle could be safely constructed at the selected site.  In addition, the combined United States and Utah Congressional Delegation conducted an in-depth investigation and declared Jordanelle Dam to be geologically sound.

The dam is designed to withstand an earthquake of Richter scale magnitude 7.5 on the Wasatch Fault (19 miles west of the damsite), and magnitude 6.5 for a local random earthquake directly below the dam.

Last updated: Mar 05, 2009