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Huntington North Dam

Photo of Huntington North Dam
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Huntington North Reservoir, created by Huntington North Dam and by the East and West Dikes, has a total capacity of 5,420 acre-feet and a surface area of 242 acres. Storage water from this reservoir is released into the Huntington North Service Canal and carried to numerous canals and ditches to be distributed for irrigation. Sections of existing canals and ditches have been lined and rehabilitated. Land drainage also is included in the project plan.


The dam sites lie in the Wasatch Plateau, a major physiographic feature of the Central Valley Utah.  The top of this tableland is from 9000 to 11300 feet above sea level, while the surrounding lowland is 3000 to 6500 feet lower.  The strata underlying this plateau are regionally horizontal but have varying local dips.  The eastern slope of the area is cut by youthful valleys with bold, precipitous walls at lower elevations, while the higher more gentle slopes are covered with trees and shrubs.

The formations are of upper Cretaceous age and consist of alternating beds of shales and sandstone containing some coal.  Three major fault lines extend in a north south direction.  The largest is seventy-five miles long and has a maximum throw of 2500 feet, smaller sympathetic breaks throughout the area.

Last updated: Feb 20, 2009