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Horsetooth Dam

Photo of Horsetooth Dam and Reservoir
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Rocks underlying the site consist of various sedimentary types that range in age from Pennsylvanian to Recent.  These units contain formations such as; the Lower Morrison, Sundance, Lykins, Dakota and Upper Lyons.  Individual beds in these formations at the site strike 15-20 degrees northwest and dip 27 to 38 degrees northeast.   On the greater part of the dam site overburden is thin and ranges from zero to five feet.  In a zone about 400 feet wide near the center of the site and at right angles to the axis, the overburden varies from 15 to 32 feet in thickness.  This material is reddish silty sandy clay having the appearance of windblown material.  It stands up well in test pits, some of which were dug to 20 feet or more without cribbing.  It contains practically no boulders.

Last updated: Mar 29, 2013