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Glendo Dam

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Glendo Dam is a zoned earthfill structure on the North Platte River about 4.5 miles southeast of Glendo. The embankment has a structural height of 190 feet and a length of 2,096 feet along the crest. About 2,440 feet of dikes are required across a low area on the south side of the reservoir 1.5 miles west of the dam. The dam forms a reservoir 14 miles in length, having a total capacity of 789,402 acre-feet at water surface elevation 4653, the top of the flood control capacity. Space is provided in the reservoir for storing 115,000 acre-feet of sediment, an estimated 100-year accumulation. There are 454,337 acre-feet allotted for irrigation and power and 271,917 acre-feet for flood control. In addition, a surcharge capacity of 329,251 acre-feet is available. These capacities differ slightly from the original storage allocations because of sediment accumulation.

An uncontrolled concrete spillway 45 feet wide is located about 450 feet north of the right abutment of the dam. The Glendo Powerplant is joined to the Glendo Reservoir by a diversion tunnel 21 feet in diameter and 2,100 feet long. The plant contains two units having a maximum rated head of 130 feet. Each unit has an installed capacity of 12,000 kilowatts.

Last updated: Mar 29, 2013