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Enders Dam

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The Pierre Shale of Upper Cretaceous Age underlies the dam and reservoir area at a depth of 175 feet below the valley floor.  The Ogallala Formation of Pliocene Age unconformably overlies the Pierre Shale.  The Ogallala Formation is composed of fine to course sand, some gravel, calcareous silt, silty sands, silts and clays.  Various degrees of calcareous cementation occur, resulting in lenses of varying loose unconsolidated to very firm compact materials at irregular intervals.  The Ogallala beds lie almost horizontal and structural irregularities, such as faulting, have been observed in the area.  The overburden consists of alluvial materials on the valley floor and of reworked loess and slope wash materials on the valley sides.  The alluvial materials are a mixture of fine sand and small pea gravel with a high percentage of chalk particles.   The reworked loess ranges from sandy to clayey loam of low to moderate density.  The slope wash is a mixture of loess and Ogallala talus resulting from colluvial action.

Last updated: Mar 29, 2013