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East Canyon Dam

Photo of East Canyon Dam Dam
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East Canyon Dam is a concrete thin-arch structure, 10 miles southeast of Morgan on East Canyon Creek. The new dam, with a height of 260 feet, a top thickness of 7 feet, crest length of 436 feet, and a volume of 35,716 cubic yards, replaces an old concrete arch dam and increases the reservoir capacity from 29,000 to 51,200 acre-feet, covering a surface area of 684 acres. The uncontrolled spillway is on the left end of the dam and has a 6,200-cubic-foot-per-second capacity; the outlet through the dam has a capacity of 710 cubic feet per second.


Located in a narrow-walled canyon where the stream has cut through very hard, massive, well-cemented beds of the conglomerate of late upper Cretaceous ages. Also, the Wasatch fault is located about 12 miles west of the dam. Finally, there is an inactive fault about 300 feet upstream from the dam.

Last updated: Feb 20, 2009