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Dille Diversion Dam

Photo of Dille Diversion Dam
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The Big Thompson Dam exists on the Big Thompson River west of Loveland, Colorado. Although "Big Thompson" was its original name, the small diversion dam has since been renamed the "Dille Diverision Dam." The purpose of Dille is to divert water from the Big Thompson River through the foothills less than a mile for delivery into the Charles Hansen Feeder Canal. From there, the water is dropped back to the river via the Big Thompson Power Plant for additional hydro-electric power generation. In all, water diverted at Dille is only "borrowed" from the last mile of the river as it winds down the canyon. What makes Dille unique is that it provides extra flexibility in overall operations of the C-BT project. Project water can be re-routed down the Big Thompson Canyon and captured at Dille to be brought back into the project, if needed.

Last updated: Mar 29, 2013