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Camp Dyer Diversion Dam

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Camp Dyer Diversion Dam is a concrete and masonry dam located on the Agua Fria River about 35 miles northwest of Phoenix, Arizona. The dam was originally constructed in 1926 and modified in 1992. The dam has a structural height of 79 feet and a crest length of 872 feet.

The dam is owned and operated by the Maricopa Water District (MWD), and creates Hank Raymond Lake as MWD's regulatory storage structure. Water is diverted from Camp Dyer Dam into the Beardsley Canal which is MWD’s main transportation system. The concrete-lined canal extends nearly 33 miles and serves approximately 100 miles of laterals, sub-laterals and pipelines throughout the 60-square-mile MWD service area.

MWD constructed an interconnect between the Central Arizona Project (CAP) Canal and MWD’s Beardsley Canal which enables MWD to take its Agua Fria surface water or transport CAP water for other water users.

Last updated: Jun 10, 2009