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Bradbury Dam

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 Bradbury Dam

Bradbury Dam was originally named the Cachuma Dam. The name was changed in 1971 to honor local water proponent Brad Bradbury. It is located on the Santa Ynez River approximately 25 miles northwest of Santa Barbara.

It is a zoned earthfill structure, containing 6,695,000 cubic yards of material. It is 279 feet high from the bottom of the cutoff trench to the top of the dam and. 206 feet above the streambed.

The spillway section is concrete-lined, with four 50x30 foot radial gates, and has a capacity of 161,000 cubic feet per second.

Lake Cachuma, has a capacity of 205,000 acre-feet. The lake covers 3250 acres when full and has a 42-mile shoreline.

Last updated: May 28, 2009