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Bartlett Dam

Bartlett Dam
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From 1936-1939, Bartlett Dam was constructed by Reclamation on the Verde River, 48 miles northeast of Phoenix. This multiple-arch dam is 287 feet high, contains 182,000 cubic yards of concrete, and creates a 178,490 acre-foot capacity reservoir.

Bartlett Dam was modified by Reclamation between 1994 and 1996 to address safety concerns. The modification included construction of a new, unlined auxiliary spillway about 1,500 feet south of the dam's left abutment, along with a concrete control structure and three-segment fuseplug embankment along with training dikes. In addition, the dam was raised 21.5 feet to prevent overtopping, and the walls and bridge of the existing service spillway structure were modified. Modifications were begun in March 1994 and completed in December 1996.

Last updated: Feb 17, 2011