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Altus Dam

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Altus Dam is a concrete gravity, partially curved structure faced with granite masonry except on the downstream face of the overflow section. The dam is 110 feet (34 m) above foundation and 1,104 feet (336 m) long. It contains 70,200 cubic yards (54,000 m³) of concrete and masonry. Incorporated within the dam section are both controlled and uncontrolled overflow-type spillways and an irrigation outlet works which delivers water into the project canal system. The 58,000 cubic foot per second (1,600 m³/s) spillway is regulated by nine radial gates. Lake Altus has a total capacity of 154,092 acre feet (190,000,000 m³), of which 1,663 acre feet (2,000,000 m³) are dead storage, 19,597 acre feet (24,000,000 m³) are flood control storage, and 132,832 acre feet (164,000,000 m³) are conservation storage. The last 10,000 acre feet (12,000,000 m³) of conservation storage is reserved for municipal water for Altus, Oklahoma. Appurtenant reservoir structures are Lugert, East, North, and South Dikes, located at low places on the reservoir rim. Lugert Dike, the largest, is 4,245 feet (1,294 m) long and has a maximum height of 45 feet (14 m).
Foundation:  Hard granite banded with numerous seams.

Last updated: Mar 29, 2013