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Facilities in state : NEVADA

Map of the state of NEVADA
Boulder Canyon Project - Hoover Dam
CRBSCP - Las Vegas Wash Unit - Title II
Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Project
Colorado River Front Work and Levee System
High Plains States Groundwater Recharge Demonstration Program Project
Humboldt Project
Newlands Project
Parker-Davis Project
R. B. Griffith Project
Truckee Storage Project
Washoe Project
Davis Powerplant
Hoover Powerplant
Carson River Diversion Dam
Davis Dam [map]
Derby Diversion Dam
Dressler Diversion Dam
Hoover Dam [map]
Lahontan Dam
Marble Bluff Dam
Rye Patch Dam [map]
Upper Slaven Diversion Dam
Last updated: May 1, 2007