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Facilities in state : WYOMING

Map of the state of WYOMING
Boysen Division
Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Project
Colorado River Storage Project
Eden Project
Glendo Unit
Hanover-Bluff Unit
Kendrick Project
Keyhole Unit
Kortes Unit
Lyman Project
North Platte Project
Owl Creek Unit
Palisades Project
Pick Sloan Missouri Basin Program
Riverton Unit
Seedskadee Project
Shoshone Project
Yellowtail Unit
Alcova Powerplant
Boysen Powerplant
Buffalo Bill Powerplant
Fontenelle Powerplant
Fremont Canyon Powerplant
Glendo Powerplant
Guernsey Powerplant
Heart Mountain Powerplant
Kortes Powerplant
Pilot Butte Powerplant
Seminoe Powerplant
Shoshone Powerplant
Spirit Mountain Powerplant
Alcova Dam
Anchor Dam
Big Sandy Dam
Boysen Dam
Buffalo Bill Dam
Bull Lake Dam
Corbett Diversion Dam
Deaver Dam
Eden Dam
Fontenelle Dam
Glendo Dam
Grassy Lake Dam
Gray Reef Dam
Guernsey Dam
Hanover Diversion Dam
Horse Creek Diversion Dam
Jackson Lake Dam
Keyhole Dam
Kortes Dam
Meeks Cabin Dam
Pathfinder Dam
Pathfinder Dike Dam
Pilot Butte Dam
Ralston Dam
Seminoe Dam
Whalen Diversion Dam
Willwood Diversion Dam
Wind River Diversion Dam
Last updated: May 1, 2007