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Facilities in region : Mid-Pacific

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Auburn-Folsom South Unit Project
Cachuma Project
Central Valley Project
Delta Division Project
Folsom and Sly Park Units Project
Friant Division Project
Humboldt Project
Klamath Project
New Melones Unit Project
Newlands Project
Orland Project
Sacramento Canals Unit Project
San Felipe Division Project
San Luis Unit Project
Santa Maria Project
Shasta/Trinity River Division Project
Solano Project
Truckee Storage Project
Ventura River Project
Washoe Project
Folsom Powerplant
Judge Francis Carr Powerplant
Keswick Powerplant
Lewiston Powerplant
New Melones Powerplant
Nimbus Powerplant
O`Neill Powerplant *
San Luis (William R. Gianelli) Powerplant *
Shasta Powerplant
Spring Creek Powerplant
Stampede Powerplant
Trinity Powerplant
Anderson-Rose Diversion Dam [map]
B F Sisk Dam [map]
Boca Dam
Bradbury Dam [map]
Buckhorn Dam
Camp Creek Diversion Dam
Carpinteria Dam [map]
Carson River Diversion Dam
Casitas Dam [map]
Clear Lake Dam [map]
Contra Loma Dam [map]
Derby Diversion Dam
Dressler Diversion Dam
East Park Dam [map]
Folsom Dam [map]
Friant Dam
Funks Dam
Gerber Dam [map]
Glen Anne Dam [map]
John Franchi Diversion Dam
Keswick Dam [map]
Lahontan Dam
Lake Tahoe Dam
Lauro Dam [map]
Lewiston Dam
Link River Diversion Dam [map]
Little Panoche Detention Dam
Los Banos Creek Detention Dam [map]
Lost River Diversion Dam
Malone Diversion Dam
Marble Bluff Dam
Martinez Dam [map]
Miller Diversion Dam
Monticello Dam [map]
Mormon Island Auxilliary Dam [map]
New Melones Dam [map]
Nimbus Dam [map]
Northside Diversion Dam
O`Neill Dam [map]
Ortega Dam [map]
Prosser Creek Dam
Putah Dam
Rainbow Diversion Dam
Red Bluff Diversion Dam
Robles Dam
Rye Patch Dam [map]
San Justo Dam
Shasta Dam
Sly Park Dam [map]
Spring Creek Debris Dam
Stampede Dam [map]
Stony Gorge Dam
Terminal Dam
Trinity Dam
Twitchell Dam [map]
Upper Slaven Diversion Dam
Whiskeytown Dam
Last updated: May 1, 2007