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Reclamation's power resource customers are those individuals or entities that use or receive products, services, or information that result from the processes which the agency performs.


Reclamation's partners are those groups, agencies, or entities that jointly help Reclamation serve our customers.


Stakeholders involved in Reclamation's businesses and services are interested parties who do not receive the services directly.

The power program customers are represented in the above categories; however, these customers may have more specific values than other customers, such as irrigation users. Consequently, the power marketing program has developed its own measures of customer values. As reported through personal contact, telephone calls, and meetings with customers, the value of power program services to our customers includes the powerplant reliability, rate stability, cost containment, and financial accountability. Increasing powerplant reliability, decreasing outage rates, and providing financial accountability are, therefore, also standards by which we should measure our customer service.

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