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Summary table
Total Capacity: Current/Power Uprating Program
Power Review of O&M Program
Power O&M Incident Evaluation and Reporting Program
Research and Development
Reports and Data
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Reclamation-Wide Power Performance
Benchmarking Overview
Reclamation-Wide Power Profile
0 - 10 megawatt group powerplants
10 - 30 megawatt group powerplants
30 - 100 megawatt group powerplants
100 - 500 megawatt group powerplants
500 + megawatt group powerplants
  • Facility Data
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Facilities Operated by Others

Reports and Data - Continued

Powerplants: FY 05 Generation
Powerplants: FY 05 Service Record
Powerplants: FY 04 Generation
Powerplants: FY 04 Service Record
Powerplants: FY 03 Generation
Powerplants: FY 03 Service Record
Powerplants: FY 02 Generation
Powerplants: FY 02 Service Record
Powerplants: FY 01 Generation
Powerplants: FY 01 Service Record
Powerplants: FY 00 Generation
Powerplants: FY 00 Service Record
Powerplants: FY 99 Generation
Powerplants: FY 99 Service Record
Powerplants: FY 98 Generation
Powerplants: FY 98 Service Record
Powerplants: FY 97 Generation
Powerplants: FY 97 Service Record
Powerplants: FY 96 Generation
Powerplants: FY 96 Service Record
Powerplants: FY 95 Generation
Powerplants: FY 95 Service Record
Powerplants: FY 94 Generation
  • Power Reports
National Performance Review Report
Reclamation's Role in Hydropower
Generator Power Uprate Report
Power Resources Office Business Plan
Facilities Instructions, Standards,
   & Techniques (FIST) Manuals
Hydropower - A Key to Prosperity in the Growing World
  • Inventory of Reclamation Water Surface Storage Studies with Hydropower Components
Report to Congress Implementing Provisions of Section 1840 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Public Law 109-58)


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