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Implementing the Power Program of Tomorrow


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     To ensure success, implementation recommendations will involve all levels of Reclamation's organization.  A Reclamation Advisory Team (Board of Directors) will lead the implementation program, establish its goals, monitor progress, and provide guidance and support.  Work groups and teams, consisting of Reclamation power program and support staff. will address specific issues requiring analysis at both the agency and local level.

    Reclamation's senior management, the Commissioner's Policy Team, will closely monitor this effort. The Commissioner's Policy Team will be responsible for adopting the power program mission and strategic objectives into the overall vision for Reclamation's future and ensuring that adequate resources are provided to accomplish implementation.
     Our customers, constituents, and employees will continue to provide valuable advice and insight to the program.  We are recommending creation of a "Hydropower Partnership" as a way of giving our constituents a meaningful say in our power program.

Implementation will be a dynamic, ongoing process that will promote awareness of energy issues and opportunities, improve customer service, and enable Reclamation to respond to national energy and related economic and environmental needs.

   [Communication Network for Implementation Phase]

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