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     The Laboratory results show that although we do quite well in many areas, opportunities for improvements do exist:
  • Our hydropower production costs compare favorably with our hydropower partners.
  • Our power is reliable.
  • Over 80 percent of customers in our survey indicated that we are doing a good to excellent job.
  • Our customers' primary concerns center on cost control and being more involved in initiatives affecting our power program.

Our employees are proud of their work and want our power program to succeed.
  • We can better use our human resources through improving training, creating career opportunities, and enhancing communication.
  • We can improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our power generation.
  • We must strive to better recognize the connections between hydropower and natural resource management.

     We also learned that throughout the power program there were two issues that affect our efficiency in virtually everything we do:

    Power Mission - The power program needs to have a specific mission and supporting strategies in order to set priorities, clarify roles, and achieve our goals.

    Communication - Improving communication is the critical factor in implementing our improvement efforts.

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