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Communicating Our Initiatives


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     To communicate the focus and direction of the Laboratory, we developed a plan to reach internal and external customers, constituents, stakeholders, and partners.  Our communication activities included:
  • Regular meetings with Federal and customer leadership
  • Exhibits and presentations to the hydropower industry and other interested parties
  • Frequent contact with industry peers
  • Surveys of industry leaders and our customers
We will continue to spread the word about our power program and identify how constituents can help us direct our power program.

     Our Outreach Plan demonstrates a progressive, responsive, and open business environment with our customers.  To confirm a genuine willingness to foster cooperative partnerships with our customers and everyone who has a stake in our success, we have:
  • Conducted internal and external briefings
  • Shared and discussed data and results
  • Developed informational letters
  • Provided progress updates
  • Encouraged constituent forums
  • Participated in meetings and conferences
  • Issued media releases
  • Published reports on the Internet
And we listened.  Many Laboratory recommendations are based directly on comments received.

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