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Creating a Customer-Driven Power Program


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    The core of our program is delivering power and providing service to our customers. This task becomes complex when we examine and respond to the needs of our diverse customer base: those who who buy our product; our marketing partners; community stakeholders, such as irrigation, recreation, and environmental interests; and other Federal and State agencies.

     Our customers showed a high level of interest in our power program and were enthusiastic about our efforts to understand what issues concern them.  We place a high priority on creating and fostering strong relationships with our customers.  We were pleased to learn that 84 percent of our customers think we are doing a good to excellent job.  These efforts will continue.
"...Need working partnerships between Reclamation and its customers to develop accountability for costs and decisions.  It is important for Reclamation to know what its customers really need and why." - Customer

     Our customers want more two-way communication and involvement in the decision-making process, including input on budget and cost decisions.  Improving communication, increasing participation, and maximizing cost effectiveness are among the first steps we are taking to improve customer service.  Reclamation is responsible for a portion of the rate set by the PMAs.  By working with the PMAs, we can assure customers that power supplies are reliable, and rates reflect a cost effective system.
    The Top Customer Concerns from customer survey results were:     
  • Cost containment
  • Rate stability
  • Environmental balance
  • Reliability
  • Accountability
  • Communications
 [Customer Service Quality Ratings]

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