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Together with our customers, we will vigorously explore opportunities for Reclamation's power program to be the "best in the business."
- The Power Management Laboratory Mission Statement    

     This reinvention effort assessed how we currently perform in our power program and identified ways that we can improve our service to our customers and the American public.
     In March 1995, we began to systematically and analytically examine our program.  The Laboratory used in-depth benchmarking, surveying, and work group analysis to:
  • Conduct self assessments of our business practices
  • Identify industry best business practices
  • Define the best methods to implement change
  • Identify measures of effectiveness
  • Identify and develop partnerships
The Laboratory assessed Reclamation's performance in six major component areas of the program:  Operations and Maintenance, Human Resources, Financial Accountability, Environmental Compatibility, Cost Containment, and Power Management.
     This was a customer driven initiative directed by a Management Team consisting of our employees, PMA partners, power customers, and other constituents.  Work groups were established for each major component area.  The work group team members provided meaningful input to the Laboratory's planning process.

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