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     As a renewable, reliable, and cost-effective energy source, hydropower plays a vital role in the electric utility industry.  As one of the largest hydropower producers in the Nation, Reclamation holds an influential position in the hydropower industry.  Along with our Power Marketing Administration (PMA) partners, we are participating in an industry undergoing profound change.  As the electric utility industry is in the process of restructuring - moving closer to a market-driven environment - questions of how future electric energy will be marketed, delivered, and valued emerge.  We must position the Federal power resources to excel in this new arena.

This changing utiltiy environment, coupled with the need to make Government more responsive to its customers, led the Department of the Interior to authorize Reclamation to conduct this NPR Power Management Laboratory. 
     The Laboratory's challenge was to identify how Reclamation could reinvent and better manage its power program.  This customer-driven Laboratory is an extraordinary effort to examine the major components of Reclamation's power program with the goal of making it the "best in the business."
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