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Snake River Area Office — Authorized Land Use

Boise AgricultureUse of Reclamation land, facilities, and waterbodies use is governed by 43 CFR Part 429. Examples of activities which might be authorized include:

  • special events;
  • utility crossings;
  • crossings on, over, or under Reclamation lands, surface of waters, and facilities inclusive of crossings where Reclamation holds a controlling easement interest;
  • communication lines and sites including microwave towers, pipelines, transmission lines, roads, trails, and other linear and
    aerial facilities and their associated uses (lateral encroachments will not be considered);
  • livestock grazing, farming, or other
    agricultural practices;
  • commercial filming and photography;
  • commercial or organized sporting events including guide services, commercial trapping, etc.; and
  • any other use deemed appropriate by Reclamation.

Issuance of a use authorization does not relieve the applicant of obtaining any other permits and authorizations that may be required for the proposed activity, such as NEPA compliance, 404 permits, business/concessionaire permits, etc. more>>

Apply for a Land Use permit >>

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Will Geer
Realty Specialist
(208) 383-2220

  • Payette Division of the Boise Project, including Black Canyon Dam
    • areas near Cascade, Idaho
  • Owyhee cabin sites
  • grazing leases

Lupe Rodriguez
Realty Specialist
(208) 383-2221

  • Arrowrock Division of the Boise Project the Boise Project Board of Control, Lake Lowell, Hubbard Dam, Boise Diversion Dam, Arrowrock Dam, Anderson Ranch Dam, New York Irrigation District, Boise-Kuna Irrigation District, Wilder Irrigation District, and Big Bend Irrigation District
  • Mountain Home Project
  • Pioneer Irrigation District, and
  • Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District

Sandra Ferguson
Realty Specialist
(208) 383-2206

  • Idaho projects; Owyhee and Vale projects; Payette Division of Boise Project
  • Burnt River and Lower Powder River projects (Oregon)
  • Black Canyon Reservoir and surrounding areas
  • Water storage contracts
  • signs
  • FIRM tasks

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